Merat Sultan

Chief of Police in Tabriz

Friday, March 17, 2023

Merat Sultan was born in the shah of Iran’s palace in 1876. He became the chief of police and of the army in Tabriz, Iran. When the Russians invaded and occupied that area, they made plans to execute Sultan. He escaped, but because it was snowing, he stopped at the house of an Armenian priest. The priest housed and fed him for 40 days.

When Sultan decided he needed to keep running from his pursuers, the priest told him that all during his stay, he had been praying for him for protection and safe return to his family. Then the priest asked him to pledge that when he got home safely, he would follow Christ as his Savior. Sultan promised and went on his way.

But Sultan was captured by the Russian forces and put in prison, awaiting execution. The morning he was to be put to death, he suddenly remembered his promise. He immediately prayed to the Lord, saying: “Jesus Christ, if you are alive today and you are the Savior of sinful men, deliver me, a sinner, from this disaster so that I may believe on you.”

Through a miracle, the Russian government set Sultan free. When he got home, he and his family gave their hearts to Christ. Later he was elected head of the church in his area, a great honor for a convert from Islam.[1]


Lord Jesus Christ, Savior of sinners, deliverer of the afflicted, and protector of the helpless, thank you for your great power. Thank you for showing Sultan compassion and mercy and bringing him, his wife, and all six children into your Kingdom by faith.

Thank you for helping him serve you fearlessly and with honor, courageously preaching the Gospel in churches and in open-air meetings.

By faith, we claim that your Spirit will lead many Muslim officials like Sultan to experience salvation through faith in Jesus. May they boldly proclaim your Word and serve the Church with integrity. In Jesus’ name, amen.


I will pour out water for the thirsty, and streams will flow on the dry ground (Isaiah 44:3, SAB).


[1] C. H. Allen. “Why a Muslim Official Changed His Religion.” In The Muslim World. 1952:176-184; and W. M. Miller, Tales of Persia, 1979:76-80.

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