Jesus the Good Shepherd

Friday, March 3, 2023

In the Word of God, Jesus has many titles and is described in different ways. For example, Jesus calls himself the “Good Shepherd” (John 10:14). What a privilege we have to know him as the One who takes care of us, who makes us lie down in green pastures, who leads us to quiet waters, who restores our soul, who guides us in paths of righteousness (Psalm 23:1-3). He is also the One who goes after the lost sheep until he finds it (Luke 15:4). And he is the only One who laid down his life for the sheep (John 10:11,15).


Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you for your great love. I intercede for Muslims. May they believe in you and experience you as their Good Shepherd. May they trust in you completely to save them from sin, guard and protect them from the enemy, and lead them in peace and wholeness throughout their lives.

May they realize that you are faithful and true and will never mislead them. May they know you are trustworthy and will never abandon them. Teach them to listen to your voice and obey the leading and promptings of the Holy Spirit.

When Muslims come to you by faith, trusting Jesus as Savior, I pray that your Spirit will watch over them. Protect them against wolves, thieves, and intruders (John 10:10).

For your name’s sake. Amen.


I am the good shepherd (John 10:14).

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