Soccer World Cup

In Qatar

Friday, November 18, 2022

Every four years the world community is swept up in the excitement of the soccer world cup games. Several nations send their top world-class players to participate and compete. All vie to get the world cup. Team after team is eliminated until the final winner gets the cup.

Normally the games run for a few weeks. This year the competition is scheduled to run from this week till the first week of December. Qatar won the bid to host this year’s games. This is the first time in history that the world cup games are held in a Muslim-majority country.


Heavenly Father, we bring to your attention the Emir (head of state) of Qatar, his family, and his government. Help them to crown Jesus as their Lord and Savior and walk in the fear of God. May their actions point to the glory of our Creator-Redeemer.

I pray for officials in various positions. May they heed the call of Christ, “Come to me… I will give you rest.” Help them undertake their duties with fairness, compassion, and honesty.

Bless all the players and team leaders who participate in the games. Help them turn their attention to God, seek to please him and give glory to Christ. Protect them from pride and arrogance.

Give Christians wisdom and boldness to speak the truth in love. Empower them with the Holy Spirit to make the most of every opportunity you give them to witness about Jesus and his love. Help Christian players realize that you are the source of their physical strength, stamina, and perseverance. May the winners always give you the glory. May the losers bring their pain and disappointment to you.


Come, see what the Lord has done, the astounding deeds he has wrought on earth (Psalm 46:8, REB).

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