Bedouin Muslims

Friday, June 10, 2022

I remember some years ago when I would travel from a North African capital city out to the countryside to visit a few Bedouin Muslims. After I had arrived at my Bedouin friends’ home, a black goat-hair tent, we would all sit together. I would open God’s Word, and they would listen attentively as I read. Most of them were illiterate. A few could barely read. But all were willing to listen.

Bedouin people are nomadic desert dwellers, constantly on the move, searching for pastureland for their herds. When they find pasture, they pitch their tents and settle until their herds have eaten all the grass in that location. Then they move on. Bedouins value honor and loyalty. The vast majority of them adhere to Islam. Very few are Christian.

Because of their mobility, they can be effective as itinerant evangelists in spreading God’s Word!


Father, I pray that you will call missionaries and equip them to work among these neglected groups of Muslims.

O God, grant your Church insight and creativity to find effective methods to make strong disciples of Bedouins, in spite of their constant mobility and often limited education.

Move by your Holy Spirit upon many Bedouins. Save them by the power of the cross of Jesus and bring them to the Kingdom of light. May you become their refuge, their rock and their fortress to which they can always go (Psalm 71:1-3).

Make them servants of the Gospel, a force of enthusiastic evangelists who move from one area to another, spreading the Good News of Christ among their fellow Muslims.

My heart is filled with your praise and my mouth tells about your righteousness. Amen.


The desert tribes will bow down before him (Psalm 72:9, NIV).

God gives the lonely a home. He leads prisoners out with joy, but those who turn against God will live in a dry land (Psalm 68:6, NCV).

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