Film Makers

In Muslim Countries

Friday, February 4, 2022

Movies are produced in many countries and in many languages around the world. Film makers are influential in shaping and reshaping cultures. Whether films are full-feature movies, documentaries or otherwise, they impress people. Children and young people try to imitate the actions, behavior, dress, language, and so forth of movie characters.

Every year many movies, soap operas, and television series are produced in Muslim countries. We cannot imagine the scope of influence of the individuals involved. Violence on the screen dulls people’s feelings and elevates brutality; sex promotes irresponsibility in interpersonal relationships; cheating, infidelity and disloyalty dull people’s sincere inclinations; and the list goes on. Certainly there is a strong relationship between what we watch in our living room and what we do the next day!


Father in heaven, we pray that you will draw many film makers to your Kingdom. We intercede for them all over the world, male and female, writers, producers, directors, actors, support personnel and others. May they come to Christ and use their talents to turn their cultures toward fearing God.

But I pray in particular for those in Muslim countries. May they experience Christ’s salvation and liberating power. Fill them with the Holy Spirit so that what they offer people will attract viewers to Christ. May they depict characters who manifest biblical values and convictions. May they choose events and themes that bring glory to the name of Jesus.

This might sound overly ambitious and rather impossible for our limited humanity, but we know you are more than able, Almighty God. All things are possible for you. You specialize in making the impossible possible!

I pray in the all-powerful name of Jesus.


The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results (James 5:16, NLT).

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