The Wife of Herod’s Business Manager

Friday, February 25, 2022

Jesus treated women with respect, kindness, appreciation, honor, and love. He healed some women from evil spirits and diseases. One of them was Joanna, the wife of King Herod’s business manager (Luke 8:1-3).

In recognition of this powerful change in her life and to help bring others to the Kingdom, she, along with many other women, traveled in ministry with Jesus and his disciples.

In addition, Joanna and other wealthy women of prestige contributed from their own resources to support Jesus’ ministry.


Lord Christ, thank you for calling us to partner with you in bringing people to acknowledge you as Savior and Lord. If we are not busy “fishing for men,” we are not obeying your command. Thank you for Joanna’s story, for her healing and her sacrifice. I pray that you will touch the hearts of many Muslim women in positions and situations like Joanna’s to commit their lives to you. These women, wives of men in authority, can often speak to their husbands in ways and at times that no one else can.

Lord, Queen Esther was able to do that. She changed the course of history by just talking with her husband the King (Esther 5-9). So, I am asking that many Muslim women in positions like Joanna’s would “put their hand to the plow” and be wholeheartedly busy in the work of the Kingdom. May they change, with righteousness and godliness, the course of history in their countries. May the name of Jesus be lifted high because of their loyalty to you. Amen.


Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I chose you. Before you were born, I set you apart for my service (Jeremiah 1:5, SAB).

Jesus Our Intercessor

Friday, February 18, 2022

According to the Quran, Muhammad’s intercession for people is of no use:

Ask forgiveness for them or do not ask forgiveness for them; even if you ask forgiveness for them seventy times, Allah will not forgive them (Q 9:79).

This must give Muslims a sense of hopelessness, aimlessness, and dismay as they live a life without a defender, an anchor, and a friend like our Lord. The Bible assures us that Christ our Savior and Lord is on heaven’s throne interceding for us, defending our cause, and comforting our hearts.


Jesus Christ, sitting on heaven’s throne, you are our great high priest. Glory and honor, majesty and power be to you. Our Advocate, Helper, Intercessor, we delight in you. Because of your love, because of the cross, we are able to come to you freely and open our hearts to you. What endless joy and unfathomable peace we have in you!

I pray that you will bring many Muslims this week to take hold of this comforting reality and accept you by faith.

All of us on earth, from time to time, face raging storms. The boat of our life is tossed to and fro. We feel disoriented and terrified. Yet, as believers in you, we know that you, Lord Jesus, are watching over us from “your mountaintop” (Matthew 14:23-24). You see us exhausted and afraid. You are praying for us! I praise you for this calming and uplifting truth.

I cry out to you, Lord, asking that many Muslims will come to you this week, believing and receiving new life in you.

In your precious, mighty name I pray. Amen.


We have our great High Priest, Jesus the Son of God, who ascended and entered into heaven. Therefore, we must hold firmly to our faith which we declare publicly (Hebrews 4:14, SAB).

Henry Martyn

Friday, February 11, 2022

In 1802 God called Henry Martyn to be a missionary to India. Martyn, who was 21, was a successful, respected genius scholar at Cambridge University. Instead of being given help and encouragement by his friends, he received only scorn and ridicule. His sister told him: “You’re unfit for the work… You’re lacking in that deep and solid experience necessary for a missionary.”[1] Yet, today we know Henry Martyn as one of the most courageous missionaries to Muslims. He labored and toiled incessantly to bring people to Christ.

He spent himself unreservedly in the service of God. He translated the New Testament into Urdu, Persian and Arabic and died at age 31.


Almighty God, our loving Heavenly Father, you are worthy to receive praise and honor and glory. May the legacy and example of this saint spur me to unreservedly sacrifice all for your glory.

As you did for Martyn, grant me to love in hard times and manifest compassion and sacrifice even when I am going through a dark valley. Let me feel the sweet breeze of your presence even when the storm around me is violent.

Fill my mind with your light and my heart with your grace to be able to minister to Muslims and lead them to the cross of Jesus.

Above all, remind me constantly that I have nothing except what you give me and can do nothing except what you enable me to do.”[2] Amen.


He whose life in this world is dear to him will lose it, but he who cares nothing for his life will gain it and will have eternal life (John 12:25, SAB).


[1] Padwick, Constance, Henry Martyn. Chicago, IL: Moody Press, 1980:76, 77.
[2] Jacob Boehme (1575-1624).

Film Makers

In Muslim Countries

Friday, February 4, 2022

Movies are produced in many countries and in many languages around the world. Film makers are influential in shaping and reshaping cultures. Whether films are full-feature movies, documentaries or otherwise, they impress people. Children and young people try to imitate the actions, behavior, dress, language, and so forth of movie characters.

Every year many movies, soap operas, and television series are produced in Muslim countries. We cannot imagine the scope of influence of the individuals involved. Violence on the screen dulls people’s feelings and elevates brutality; sex promotes irresponsibility in interpersonal relationships; cheating, infidelity and disloyalty dull people’s sincere inclinations; and the list goes on. Certainly there is a strong relationship between what we watch in our living room and what we do the next day!


Father in heaven, we pray that you will draw many film makers to your Kingdom. We intercede for them all over the world, male and female, writers, producers, directors, actors, support personnel and others. May they come to Christ and use their talents to turn their cultures toward fearing God.

But I pray in particular for those in Muslim countries. May they experience Christ’s salvation and liberating power. Fill them with the Holy Spirit so that what they offer people will attract viewers to Christ. May they depict characters who manifest biblical values and convictions. May they choose events and themes that bring glory to the name of Jesus.

This might sound overly ambitious and rather impossible for our limited humanity, but we know you are more than able, Almighty God. All things are possible for you. You specialize in making the impossible possible!

I pray in the all-powerful name of Jesus.


The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results (James 5:16, NLT).