North Africa

Friday, January 14, 2022

Five countries make up this region: Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania. In the early history of Christianity, there were fledgling but thriving churches in most parts of North Africa. They were obliterated, however, by Islam.

It is estimated that 105 million people live in these countries. Most of them are Muslims. Evangelization is mainly against the law. To hold a Christian meeting in one’s home is considered illegal. Yet, in the past few decades, small churches have been birthed in all of the five countries. Though accurate statistics are not available, converts to Christ in this region are taking a more courageous stand to declare that they indeed are believers in Christ.

Years ago, my wife and I “cut our teeth” in mission work in North Africa, and here God put in our hearts to start the Sharif Bible translation.


God Almighty, King of kings and Lord of lords, I present myself in your presence to intercede on behalf of the peoples of North Africa. Help them to hear and heed the Gospel message and commit themselves to the only Savior from sin. I pray for the political and religious leaders that you open their eyes to see the truth, open their minds to accept the truth, and open their mouths to declare the truth.

Thank you for the believers in this area. I pray that you grant them to think of what is true and honorable, right and pure, lovely and admirable (Philippians 4:8). Fill them with the power of the Holy Spirit to reach out to their compatriots with the love of Christ that sets people free and gives them hope, peace and joy.

Send your church in North Africa a fresh breath from heaven. Raise up strong, dedicated leaders among them.

I pray for those who are suffering for the sake of the Gospel in these countries. Comfort them, encourage them, and reveal Christ in his might and power to them.


Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession (Psalm 2:8, NIV).

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