Prayer in Islam

Friday, November 12, 2021

Muslims are enjoined to pray five times a day. Before prayer they take off their shoes and wash certain parts of their bodies in order to be clean in the presence of God. This ritual is called ablution.

After washing they stand on a prayer rug and face Mecca and perform certain prescribed body movements and prostrations as they recite statements about God in Arabic. They commit these statements to memory at a young age. In other words, a Muslim’s prayers are not free conversations with God. According to Muslim belief, prayer is a good deed which gains a person favor and good standing with God.


Father in heaven, I draw near to you, encouraged by your promise and knowing you hear and answer me. Thank you.

Lord Jesus, thank you for the benefits of the cross. You were “slain and with your blood you purchased people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation” (Revelation 5:9). I pray for Muslim peoples all over the world. Grant them to open their spiritual eyes to see you in your love and sacrifice for them. Open their hearts to receive the benefits of the resurrected life.

Lord God, help Muslims understand that man cannot gain favor with you by performing religious duties or doing good, rather only through faith in Jesus Christ. May they realize that the only way to approach Almighty God is through Jesus Christ. He is the only one who cleanses us from sin.

I pray that many will find true freedom through the liberating power of Christ. May they find access to your throne through the finished work of the cross. May they sense your awesome and tender presence in their lives today.

According to the riches of your grace. Amen.


The Lord saw [their] bitter suffering… there was no one to help them. And it was not in his purpose to blot [their name] out… so he saved them… (2 Kings 14: 26-27, SAB).

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