Non-Arab Muslims in Arab Countries

Friday, November 5, 2021

There are many Muslims in Arab countries who are not of Arab stock. Examples are the Berbers in North Africa, the Kurds in the Middle East, Nubians in southern Egypt and northern Sudan, and so forth. These people are proud of their lineage, albeit despised by their Arab compatriots.

In recent years there has been a mighty move of God among some of these peoples. Many are coming to Christ. The underground Church is growing among them.


We thank you Father for the many people in these groups who are accepting Christ as Lord and Savior. We pray that they will continue to be faithful to you. Give them, O Father, anointed leadership who will help in the gathering in and maturing of this vast harvest.

We pray for them to have courage. Bless their efforts to establish Bible schools and literature programs even in such hostile environments. Send them a mighty revival. Pour out your Holy Spirit on them.


God is mighty, but does not despise men…[he] gives the afflicted their rights (Job 36:5,6).

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