President of the United States

Friday, July 10, 2020

The Bible states that a political ruler is God’s servant (Romans 13:3, 4). People say that the President of the United States occupies the most powerful political position in the world.

The Bible also teaches us that Christ is the King of kings and Lord of lords (Revelation 19:16) and asks us to pray for kings and rulers (1 Timothy 2:1-4). Yes, we have a very serious responsibility: We are to pray for leaders and for the one who occupies the office of president.


Blessed be the name of God, the Master supreme over all rulers. I pray that you will bless the President of the United States and bring him into a close relationship with Christ the Savior and Lord of all. Grant him humility and meekness. Fill him with the Holy Spirit and give him wisdom and understanding.

Lord Jesus, let him always remember that you are the Judge before whom he will stand on the last day to give account of the authority, blessings and talents you have given him. Fill him with the love and goodness that come only from you. May he always feed on your Word and make decisions based on biblical values.

Help him to forgive and love his enemies.

May he always realize that you care for him and love him, and that you are willing to hold his hand to lead him every step of the way.

Bless his family, his cabinet, his staff and all who help him.

I pray for those who are for him and those who are against him. Bless them all with the knowledge of Christ our Savior and Lord. Amen.


[God] will make your goodness shine as bright as the day, and your right cause as clear as noontime (Psalm 37:6, SAB).

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