Triumphant Church

Friday, January 12, 2018

Communities and gatherings of Muslims who have come to faith in Christ can now be found all over the world. While in some places, such as in the West, they enjoy freedom to worship, in countries where religious freedoms are less secure they face harsh persecution. Some believers even give their lives for Christ.

As the Church is planted and grows in difficult cultures, believers need to develop in strongly biblical ways. Their forms of worship should reflect their own background and identity as they:

  • develop vocabulary for prayer and worship and for preaching and teaching in their own languages;
  • compose songs from their hearts that represent the redeeming power of Christ; and
  • work toward having the Bible in their own languages.

These are signs that the Spirit is alive and present in the Body of Christ. Vibrant faith and worship will help empower believers as they sacrifice for the cause of Christ.


Wonderful God of saving power and love, we stand in prayer for your Church in Muslim lands. They are the Body of Christ, your sons and daughters, and you desire that they shine brightly for you (Philippians 2:15). Your Spirit has brought them into your Kingdom and lives in them to deepen their faith in you.

Bless them, O Lord. Unite them and make them one. Fill their gatherings with inspired worship and prayer, with anointed preaching and teaching. Holy Spirit, flow freely among our brothers and sisters through the power of your gifts. Encourage them as they face challenges and opposition to love not their own lives, but to speak boldly and wisely for you.



I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it (Matthew 16:18, NIV).


[1] Written by Tom Belt.

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