Believers in High Places

Friday, September 22, 2017

To hold a high government position and be a follower of the true God is often difficult. Nehemiah and Daniel held on to their faith and their positions honorably and successfully. Obadiah risked his status and even his life to practice his faith. He was in charge of the royal palace under King Ahab and Queen Jezebel of Israel. The king and queen lived evil lives, worshipped foreign gods and persecuted those who worshipped the Lord. Queen Jezebel was determined to kill the prophets of the Lord. Obadiah was a devout secret believer in the Lord and faithfully worshipped him. He took 100 of the Lord’s prophets, hid them in two caves and gave them food and water (1 Kings 18:3-13).

While Paul was a prisoner in Rome for the sake of the Gospel, he said that the whole palace guard knew that he was in prison for preaching Christ. He also said that there were believers in the king’s palace and sent greetings from them to believers on the outside! (Philippians 1:13; 4:22).

Today there are followers of Jesus Christ who hold high government positions, and some of them are converts from Islam.


Heavenly Father, I praise your holy name and rejoice for every person in a high position who worships Christ. Help each one to lean on you more and more.

May they consider nothing too dear to sacrifice for the glory of your name, not even their lives. May they be effective in their service to their superiors and to their countries.

Fill their minds with clean thoughts and their hearts with words of praise and thanksgiving to God. Open their mouths to proclaim Christ with love.

Help them draw strength and honor from you. I pray that everyone they meet will recognize that they belong to Jesus (Acts 4:13).

May they never equate success with righteousness, or position with God’s favor!

In the name of Jesus. Amen.


Don’t be afraid to speak out! Don’t be silent!18.10 GW Acts 18. I’m with you. No one will attack you or harm you. I have many people in this city (Acts 18:9-10, GW).

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