Samaritan Woman

Friday, September 15, 2017

People around us are thirsty. The only water that will truly satisfy them is spiritual.

One day a woman from Samaria came to the well to draw water for her household. Jesus was there. He spoke with her and offered her eternal, living water (read John 4). She accepted and was transformed. She then brought her village to Jesus!

There are many women like her in Muslim societies. Huda, Fadila, Wahiba, Samira, and many others whom I know personally have put their faith in Christ and continue to be faithful to the Lord against all odds. They, like the Samaritan woman, are very active in bringing their own people to the Kingdom.

We need more women like these.


Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, our Redeemer and Savior, we bless you and magnify your name. You honored this Samaritan woman and blessed her. We pray that you will speak to many Muslim women this week.

Bring them to the cross through faith in you. Change them and make them new creatures by the power of your Spirit. May they find hope, peace and joy in you. Fill their hearts with your love.

As you transformed the Samaritan woman from an argumentative, religious fanatic into a messenger of the Good News, may many Muslim women put their faith in you and become your emissaries to their own people!

Reveal yourself to many Muslim women this week as you did to the Samaritan woman. May they know you, Jesus Christ, Messiah, King, and Redeemer.

In your mighty name we pray. Amen.


To the thirsty I will give water from the spring of life as a gift… Let them give thanks to the LORD for his love and for the marvelous things he has done for mankind; he has satisfied the thirsty and filled the hungry with good things (Revelation 21:6; Psalm 107:8-9, REB).

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