Valley Of Elah

Friday, December 16, 2016

Read 1 Samuel 17.

David met Goliath and defeated him in the Valley of Elah. While strong and seasoned soldiers were fleeing, young David courageously went out to encounter the giant. He saw Goliath’s challenge to Israel as a direct challenge to God.

David recalled how the Almighty had rescued him and given him victory in the face of previous grave dangers.

Now, facing the formidable Goliath, David depended totally on God’s power rather than on military equipment. He believed that God would hand his enemy over to him. He refused any trappings of war that would hinder him and slow down his progress.

In the face of Islam, do you feel like David meeting Goliath? Does the giant you face loom bigger and stronger than you? By the help of the Holy Spirit, you can have the victory.


Almighty God, in you we take refuge. There looms a “Valley of Elah” for your Church! Let us never be put to shame (Psalm 31:1). You are the eternal Lord who is able to subdue and overcome any Goliath that stands against you.

Help me to differentiate between Muslims as people and the Islamic system as a giant that opposes the Kingdom of Christ. Give me love for Muslims, sacrificial love. However, I pray that you will demolish the system that stands in opposition to the King of kings and Lord of lords (2 Corinthians 10:4).

This giant is too much for me. I cannot defeat him on my own. I cry out to you. Give your Church strength, endurance and stamina, and use us as your vessels to accomplish your will to bring Muslims to the Kingdom of God.

Help us, after every victory, to give you glory and honor. You alone are worthy. Amen.


“Nothing, not even a mighty mountain, will stand in [your] way; it will become a level plain before [you]!”(Zechariah 4:7, NLT).

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