Friday, February 26, 2016

He started out as a “nobody”: he was raised in a home that worshipped other gods (Judges 6: 25-27), in a nation that had gone away from the true God (Judges 6:1) and was experiencing dire economic and social circumstances (Judges 6: 2-6).

Could this be the story of Muslims today? For Gideon, God intervened in his life and spoke to him. The Lord changed his heart. He called him. And the reticent young man who lacked self-esteem became a four-star general and the commander in chief! The subsequent victory brought in its trail deliverance for the whole nation (read Judges 6, 7).


We ask you, our God, glorious Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, to give your church among Muslims leaders like Gideon: men and women who have faith in you as Gideon did, obey your call, receive your empowering, believe your promises, look for signs from you and act with courage.

Give church leaders spiritual wisdom and insight so they might grow in the knowledge of God.I pray that their spiritual eyes may be enlightened. Help them to know the hope to which you call them (Ephesians 1:18).

Hedge around them on every side: protect them and their families and all they have, and bless the work of their hands (Job 1:10).



“The LORD is with you, mighty warrior. …Go with the strength you have, and save [your people]. I am sending you”(Judges 6:12, 14, SAB).

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