Friday, October 12, 2018

Haman was the highest official in the Persian royal palace, second only to the king. But he hated the Jews and planned to kill them all in one day, and he got the king to sign a decree to that effect. There were many thousands of Jews in the kingdom. That meant it was set to be a mass killing sanctioned by the authorities!

Before the plan was carried out, however, God orchestrated events so that the tables were turned. Haman, the official behind the plot, was executed, his children were killed and along with them all the enemies of the Jews. No harm came to the Jews (read the book of Esther). Terrorism is nothing new!

In recent years, various Islamic groups have engaged in terrorism by persecuting, abusing, raping and murdering Christians, other non-Muslims, and even Muslims who do not agree with them.


O God of Peniel, you revealed yourself to Jacob and rescued him from the anger and revenge of Esau (Genesis 32:30; 33). You upset the plot of Haman and rescued the Jews from his evil intentions. You thwarted the plan of the Assyrians against King Hezekiah and his people. Glory be to you.

You still rescue and deliver today. We pray against the evil done by the “Hamans” of today. May they repent of their wickedness and rush to the cross of Jesus. May their lives be changed by your power.

Almighty God, change them from terrorists to saints. May the Holy Spirit dwell in them and anoint them to bring Good News to the poor, to proclaim freedom to the prisoners, recovery of sight to the blind, and liberty to the oppressed.

In the name that is above every name, the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, my Lord. Amen.


I have seen wicked and ruthless people flourishing like a tree in its native soil. But when I looked again, they were gone! (Psalm 37:35-36, NLT).

Two Social Spaces

Friday, October 5, 2018

In a typical Muslim society, there are two spaces: the home, and the public arena. The public arena is the place for men; it represents authority and religion. Home is the place for women and children; it is to be under the control and continuous supervision of the men, who are to provide food, protection and direction. Hence, one group has authority, and the other is to submit to that authority. One group issues orders, and the other is to obey those orders. Briefly, there are two worlds: one for males and one for females.[1]

This sociological dichotomy results mainly from seeing women negatively as a source of temptation, lure and seduction for men. This also helps explain some of the tension that exists in typical Muslim societies regarding women who work outside the home or go out of the home without a male chaperone. Their actions are viewed as an invasion of the male world and an encroachment on it.


Righteous God, you created us all equal. You did not create two classes of humans. Men and women equally express your creative power and your divine genius. You made us all in your own image and meant that we would glorify you.

We acknowledge that all of us are sinners. We all, both men and women, are guilty of breaking your holy commandments. That is why I bring Muslims to your attention today. Have mercy on them. Bring them into the Kingdom of your blessed Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Help Muslim women recognize Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Set them free from the belief that they are a degree lower than men.


The earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD (Isaiah 11:9; see also Habakkuk 2:14).


[1] For more details, see Fatima Mernissi, Beyond the Veil, Arabic Edition, 1996, especially chapter 8.